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वृषभ (TAURUS)

Anatomy: throat, neck

Ruler: Venus

Element: Earth

Season: Spring

Second Zodiac sign

Color: Green

Stone: Emerald

Metal: Copper

Modality: Fixed

Keywords: Sensual, possessive, prosperous, down to earth, physical, dependable and preserving.

Taurus is regarded as the zodiac second sign and they are known to take the maximum rewards in any game. They would be thinking in terms of the materialistic goods and physical pleasures. If you are born under this zodiac sign and then you come under the category of delicious excess. They are known for having the sensual touch and they are always surrounded by the soothing and pleasing things. These people are always interested in having the best wine and good meal and if you are a Taurus born, then it is imperative to be the artistic person.

The bull is known for serving the mascot of Taurus and they are full of expectations and they are very much stubborn and bull headed people. They are having the fixed inner quality and this can be expected that they would be occasionally grinding to the halt. They are not at all having the intention of being stuck at any various places. They are just having one thing in their mind and that is they just want to complete the things on time and they are known to have the stubbornness quality.

Moreover, it has been noticed that they are very reliable and practical people and they are very much into the accomplishment of their goals. They resemble to the bulls and they are very much eager to get into the finishing line and they can easily achieve the materialistic good as well. It is amazing to see that the bull is a very strong animal and they are ready to test their strength as well on the different fields. You can easily find the bulls that would be doing the mountain climbing and similar is the case with these people as well. They are very much interested into the hiking and various outdoor activities as well. Moreover, these people are known to be very possessive, romantic and devoted. They are known to have the sensual nature and they can learn from their mistakes in an easy way. They are known to rule the throat and neck region and these people are full of determination, loyalty and stability.

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