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वृश्चिक (SCORPIO)

Ruler: Mars, Pluto

Element: Water

Eighth Zodiac sign

Metal: Iron, Steel

Season: Fall

Color: Purple, Gold

Stone: Opal, Topaz

Modality: Fixed

Anatomy: Genital organs, bowels, bladder

Keywords: resourceful, psychological, possessive, focused, fixed, determined, perceptive, prowling and probing

Scorpio is regarded as the 8th sign in the zodiac chart and most importantly, it should not be taken in a lighter way. Any individual who is born under this zodiac sign are known to be very serious especially when it comes to the accomplishment of mission and learning about other people. Moreover, these people are not at all interested in chatter or fluff and they are interested only in the important questions and they are having a keen desire to decipher the secret questions. These people are very much interested in the starting and ending point and they do not get sacred of anything. They are ready to travel that comprises of the white and black matter, but they do not make use of the grey matter. In fact, it is almost impossible to measure the curiosity nature of this sun sign and they are very much adept investigators as well.

These people are very much interested in finding our various things and they would get completely into the story of it. This is one of the traits that help other people as well and they are ready to help anyone at any point of time. You can think of these people similar to the Scorpio animal and they are not at all incidental. It has been noticed that they are ready to kill themselves and they would not be killed by anyone else. If you are born under this zodiac sign, then the destiny lies in your own hand. These people would be living the life on their own terms and conditions and they would be doing the promotion of their own specific agenda and they are known as the executives as well.

It has been observed that others people may think of these Scorpions as the self-destructive, but they are known to have inner beauty and they are known to have the regenerative powers in themselves. It is similar to the small scorpion that is known to have the tail and then it can form it back again. It has been noticed that these people would not be losing in their lives and they are very determined and stubborn for achieving their goals. These people are ready to work hard and achieve what they immensely desire for and then only they would be satisfied by themselves. These people are known to have the motivation and passion and they love playing games as well.

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