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Anatomy: Muscles, hips, thighs

Ruler: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Ninth Zodiac sign

Season: Fall

Stone: Topaz

Color: Turquoise

Metal: Tin

Modality: Mutable

Keywords: restless, irresponsible, adventurous, independent, outspoken and enthusiastic

Sagittarius is regarded as the 9th zodiac sign and these are the home wanderers and they are known to searching for truth. They would be walking on road and they would talk with the strangers and find the new answers. These people are very much interested in finding the new knowledge and they are having broad approach in their lives. These people are very much interested in the religion and philosophy aspect and they are having the disciplines that would have the internal desires. Moreover, they are very much keen to know to decipher the actual life meaning and then only they would get the easy going feeling. Sagittarians are known for representation of the archers and that is used to have the flinging arrows.

Intellectuals that were present in the conventional roman mythology were centaurs and therefore they would be considering themselves counterparts of new era. If you are born under this sun sign and then you are transparent thinkers and they have the clear understanding of the entire picture in effectual way. These people prefer to enjoy the company of those people who are having well clear points and they can easily blunt and argument as well. Archers are known to have the quality of listening to others, but they themselves would remain mute. However, these people are known to the important information customers and they can easily explore the world as well. If they start getting the feeling of hemmed and then they would start becoming difficult and impatient at times. These people are fond of playing the challenging sports and they are ready to take up any task that would come up in their way. They can easily climb to the highest level of peaks and they do not find any stretch too long.

It has been observed that these people are very much interested in playing the mind games that involves chess and debates. They would also be wearing the moody colors and that is navy hues and rich maroon. These people are very flirtatious and playful in their lives. People who are born under this zodiac sign are known to be of philosophical in nature and they are very curious too. They are in search of truth and knowledge and they can easily explore the different world. These people are known to be very much generous and optimistic and it is great and fun to have them with you.

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