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Religious Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon | New Delhi NCR

Vastu Shastra is also regarded as Indian Architectural Science from the past. Vastu Shastra’s main goal is to carry positive energies into a home through architectural changes. It promotes a harmonious relationship between man and nature, resulting in happiness, health, wealth, and prosperity. Vastu Shastra is thought to have originated about 1000 years ago. People relied on the forces of nature to meet all of their essential needs at the time. The Sun provides light and heat, the Wind provides a cool breeze, rivers, rain provides water, and fire provides heat protection. As a result, the concepts of Building Science developed during those times were focused on the influence of various natural elements on our bodies and minds. They are known as the 5 Ingredients of Panchbhoot: Experts like Dr. Mishra developed different Vastu Zones in a home-based on further testing, with each Zone relating to a particular force or energy. Although the modern definition of Vastu Shastra is more effective and powerful, Vastu still adheres to the basic doctrines of Vastu Zones. Dr. Mirtunjay Mishra has over 20 years of practical experience in Astrology, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, and Gemology. Dr. Mishra is a marriage astrologer who specializes in astrological legal, marital, and medical forecasts. As the world’s most popular and influential astrologer, he always recommends the following religious Vastu tips:

  • If the pooja room and bedroom are the same due to a lack of space, try to keep the place of worship in the northeast corner and never face the temple with your feet.
  • Build the pooja room well away from the toilet to keep harmful energies from polluting the pious atmosphere.
  • A pyramid-shaped Puja room allows for a smooth flow of positive energies.
  • Use soft colors in the Pooja room to prevent being distracted when worshipping.
  • Don’t carry or hold idols from ancient temples in your pooja bed. Do not hold Shri Chakra and Shaligram idols unless you worship conventionally, as they have powerful forces that the worshipper cannot accept.
  • Do not keep pictures of late relatives in the Pooja Room with the idols.
  • Every morning and evening, light a lamp in the south-east direction, as this is where Agni God resides; additionally, the house’s entrance gate should be built in the east only, and it should be stronger and larger than the other house doors.
  • Room windows should be as large as possible on the eastern side and as small as possible on the southern side.

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