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Palmist in Gurgaon and Delhi

We offer the most Genuine Best palmistry Services


Do you want to know what your palm lines have to say about you? Palmistry is an ancient discipline that is still practiced today. A good palmist will help you figure out your life’s goal and how to get there.


We will motivate and educate you about your destiny and future with your personalized Palm Reading.


Our palms have patterns, mounts, and shapes that can be used to forecast a person’s existence. The palm blinks the person’s personality, the person’s future, and the problems of life. After analyzing your palm, a palmist will provide you with more information about your life issues and solutions.


According to palmistry, each line on our hand represents our nature, married life, business, career, and other important life terms.


According to palmistry, the lines that run across your palm, the height of the lines, the shape of your hand, fingers, and thumb all describe specific aspects of your life.


Astrodeep will lead you in the right direction for your career by reading your palm lines. The fat line is known as the career line in palmistry, and it runs from the base of the palm to the mount of Saturn under the middle finger. We can tell you about your mental state, intellect, willpower, and strength by looking at your forehead line. Astrodeep can also demonstrate how you interpret knowledge and respond to it. And there’s the horizontal heart line that stretches through your palm. The deeper heart line denotes a deeper level of intimacy and devotion. We may also recommend reading the lifeline, also known as the earth line, for improved health and physical vitality.


The dominant hand of an individual is normally the first to be read by a reader (the hand he or she writes with or uses the most, which is sometimes considered to represent the conscious mind, whereas the other hand is subconscious). 


Greek mythology provides the foundation for “classical” palmistry (the most commonly taught and practiced tradition). The features of each region of the palm and fingers refer to a god or goddess, and the features of that area indicate the existence of the corresponding aspect of the subject. The ring finger, for example, is linked to the Greek god Apollo, and its characteristics are linked to the subject’s dealings with art, music, aesthetics, fame, riches, and harmony. 


The Methodology of Dr. Mirtunjay Mishra


Dr. Mirtunjay Mishra’s palm reading style is meticulous and meticulous. It’s important to remember that attitude, emotional habits, and chemical body compositions all have a huge effect on how our lives unfold. These are expressed in the fine lines of the hands, as well as other hand features. To the naked eye, much of these fine lines or patterns in the fingers are invisible. The right description of the lines cannot be drawn unless the lines are closely checked. An extensive form is filled out and attached to the handprint to capture these data. These two are then combined to answer your unique questions. 




Client information, including information from their handprints, is kept private. The information is only available to the customer. In the case of couples pursuing matrimony or those who are already married, an exception is made. Couples seeking matrimonial reconciliation receive separate consultations to ensure that the best Palmist in Gurgaon and Delhi  suggestions are put to good use. Astrodeep takes care not to reveal specifics of previous relationships or unpleasant experiences to either partner during our consultation session. We discourage clients from taking advice solely for amusement. 


Tarot & Dream Analysis


Dr. Mirtunjay Mishra also uses tarot cards and dowsing to validate predictions made along the palm lines. Dreams always include clues about our future lives that can go unnoticed. Dr. Mirtunjay Mishra has created intuitive reasoning that aids in dream analysis through daily meditation exercises. When a client is going through a difficult time, they are often asked to recall their dreams; the insights gained from these dreams are then used to validate the hand signals.


With the aid of our highly qualified team of Astrodeep Vastu experts, you will change the way you live. Vastu consultation can be delivered right to your door.

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