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Shubh Muhurat


Muhurta’, also known as Electional Astrology, is an auspicious, conducive, and the desirable period chosen to commence or complete a significant event or action. A Muhurta was described as a duration of two Ghatis, or 48 minutes, in literal terms. However, the term ‘Muhurta’ is commonly used in traditional parlance and for all practical purposes to refer to a period conducive to a specific action to achieve the best possible results from that action. It is common to practice to initiate or avoid religious ceremonies based on the quality of Muhurat. The Vedic scriptures also suggest that rituals and activities be performed during one or more Muhurats.


Thousands of years ago, the Great Masters of Vedic Astrology understood the peculiar temperament and vibration of time units and applied it to the good of humanity as a whole. Rather than confronting the forces of nature present at particular times, they preferred to live in harmony with them.


They determined the basic character and vibration of various units of time, such as the Year, Month, Day, Nakshatra, Hour, Ascendant, various divisions of Nakshatra, Ascendant, and so on, for this reason. The great scientists of the past proposed harmonizing human behavior with the essence of the moment to maximize the consequences of human actions.


Muhurat is a very important thing in Hindu culture when taking some important step in life or doing any auspicious job. Muhurat means an auspicious time when all good forces support you and nature helps you itself, so doing your efforts or auspicious works during any shubh muhurat ensures your success or bright future in your tasks. Sarvarth siddhi yoga is a very good time that is beneficial for doing auspicious works or important tasks. It is a very fruitful time when you can take important steps and complete your auspicious tasks, ensuring a positive outcome.


Astrodeep has advanced this great science, which falls under the domain of ‘Karma’ as per ‘Vedic Thinking,’ in the great tradition of Vedic seers. Astrodeep’s research-oriented team of professional astrologers, who serve various segments of society, has calculated Muhurta parameters for various events and behaviors that were, interestingly, not considered by Vedic Seers. Astrodeep has made a significant breakthrough in this vital area of astrology. But, alas! It had never been done before. 


‘Astrodeep’ is also the world’s only organization;


• Have redefined the definition of Muhurta by existing practices;


• Create a customized Muhurta based on your horoscope’s precise combinations;


• Determine Muhurta based on the precise longitudes and latitudes of the location where the proposed action is to take place;


• Only suggest Muhurta after thoroughly considering the essence of the incident or action.


• Does not have a generalized Muhurta, like other blogs, eShops, and Panchngas do. 


As a result, our clients have the most optimum and satisfying outcomes from their endeavors, which they began at the time we recommended. ‘Muhurta’ is described by Dr. Mirtunjay Mishra as ‘intervention into destiny.’ So step forward and enlist the assistance of ‘Astrodeep’ to help you go beyond your destiny.

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