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तुला (LIBRA)

Metal: Copper

Ruler: Venus

Element: Air

seventh Zodiac

Season: Fall

Color: Pastel Green

Stone: Marble, quartz and diamond

Anatomy: Kidneys

Modality: Cardinal Keywords: accommodating, diplomatic, refined, sociable, artistic, likable, respectful, just and indecisive.

Libra is regarded as the 7th zodiac sign and if you want to see the shift, then this is the sign. The foremost 6 signs those are present in the zodiac chart and known for the special contact with each other and also with the world too. Libra is those people who would be focusing on others and their relationship with them. Moreover, this can also be called the partnership sign that would be starting with the P letter. These people do not love to be all alone and you would always find them in a pair and they are very much into the optimization of the balance along with the harmony and different plays as well. You would have definitely noticed that when the team is playing then the best partnership would only work and this can be resembled to the marriage. It is essential to couple these people with their lovers and then only they would be getting the feeling of completion.

If you would be taking the help of for measurements of Libra and then they are ready to go on to the keel as well. They just want to strike the balance and they are very much objective in nature and they understand what us best for others and they do the same. These people are known for avoiding conflict and they would be using each and every step through which they are able to achieve the peace along with the harmony aspect. It has been observed others that they may think of them as indecisive and fickle minded and they can avoid the confrontation in an easy way. If you are born under this zodiac sign, then it is imperative to be the strategic person and they are ready to organize different groups along with the poise and they would ensure that the job is done on time.

The scales are very much of companionable in nature and these can be similar to that of the folks as well. Moreover, it has been observed that they are known for loving the outdoor activities and they are also very much fond of the biking and riding too. They are very much interested into the bright colors of sunset sky and they also get melded into the colors of light blue, pink and ivory. These people are very much interested into the love games and they are known to have the excessive amount of energy in them and they are very loyal people as well. They are ready to take any burden on their shoulders and you can easily check their strength during the time of peace, harmony and fairness. Moreover, they are also known to be the diplomatic persons and they are known to have a different styling as well.

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