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मिथुन (GEMINI)

Ruler: Mercury

Element: Air

Third Zodiac sign

Season: Spring

Stone: Agate

Metal: Mercury

Anatomy: lungs, head and arms

Color: Yellow

Modality: Mutable

Keywords: adaptable, responsive, superficial, flexible, mental, talkative and sociable

Gemini is regarded as the 3rd zodiac sign and they are very much fond of talking. However, they would not be doing just chatter along with their friends and folks. They are having the strong driving force and then only they would be initiating the conversation. They are more of intellectual people and they would engage into conversation only when they have done enough information search. It is imperative to do the more collection of facts and then only they would share the information and they love to have lot if entertainment. These people are very much interested in developing the strong relationships and bonding. Moreover, you would always find them enjoying and they are very quick witted and bright too. These people are regarded as the life of party and they are known for their intellectual minds and they are easily able to do the rationalization of things. These people are not at all interested in the imagination and they cannot be boring at all. These people are regarded as the inter-mix of yang and yin and they are also known as the representation of twins. If you are born under this sun sign, then it is easy to understand the both sides of the coin. Sometimes they can be less practical and they would not be able to decide the right path, but they can easily prompt other people for restlessness and fickle. People who all are born in this sun sign are known to be the great players and they are very good at volleyball or charades. These people are very flirtatious in nature and they can easily cast their magical spells on others. They are known for ruling nervous system and they are highly recommended to do the practice of deep breathing or yoga. These are adventurous and charming companions too.

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