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Anatomy: skeleton, bones and knees

Ruler: Saturn

Season: Winter

Element: Earth

Tenth Zodiac sign

Color: Brown, Purple

Stone: Onyx, Amber

Metal: Lead

Modality: Cardinal

Keywords: resourceful, ambitious, wise, disciplined, constant, prudent and resourceful

Capricorn is regarded as the tenth zodiac sign and it is known for the hard work. If you are born under this zodiac sign and then you would be having the better day at office because these people are very patient in their lives. These people are very determined and ambitious and they would get there anyhow. They believe in life as a one complete big project and they have also adopted the simplistic business approaches in their lives. These people are tending to be very practical in their real life situations and they are pragmatic as well. Moreover, they are very much keen towards the attainment of their goals and they would reflect the stubbornness points as well. These people believe in the small victories and this is what that keeps them moving in the difficult situations as well.

These people are symbolized through the goats and they also have apt mascot for the same. Goats are fond of climbing towards the mountains and they would be getting access to the fresh and clear air. In the similar way, Capricorns would be making the selection of their career and then they would start enjoying the success benefits that involves money, prestige and fame. It should always be remembered that it is not at all easy to get on to the top of the mountain and therefore you need to have patience and hard work for the same. These people are known to have the egotistical and dominating personalities. Moreover, these people are known to be leaders in their life as well because they would come up with new ideologies and thoughts as well. These people are the lovers of sports and they are fond of croquet and golf too. If you are born under this zodiac sign and then you would be interested in the team work. These people are fond of wearing the khaki and earthy brown colors and they are more of classic and royal status. They also love wearing the sporty caps and they are very less emotive and more of a devotee and they are very much determined and ambitious. 

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