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कर्क (CANCER)

Ruler: Moon

Element: Water

Fourth Zodiac sign

Color: Yellow, white

Season: Summer

Stone: Opal, pearl

Anatomy: Stomach, Breasts

Metal: Silver

Modality: Cardinal

Keywords: Contemplative, defensive, nurturing, gentle, feeling and conservative in nature

Cancer is regarded as the 4th zodiac signs and they are having variety of roots in them and they are known to enjoy the immense pleasure in the family and home comforts. People who are born under this zodiac sign are known to be the domestic, maternal and they are interested in loving others as well. Moreover, they are interested in having the large families and they prefer to live the harmonious and serene life. If you are having any Cancer friend, then you can get to see amazing traditions and numerous communal activities. These people are very patriotic in nature and they would also wave the flags as well. They are known to have the good memory and you would hear them telling numerous stories on the dinner table. These people are very much emotional about numerous things and you would find them wearing the heart that is present on their sleeves.

Crabs are regarded as the mascots of cancer and they are very much interested in little critter and they would also go inside their shells, if they don’t find anything interesting. These folks are known to be very much crabby and it is not at all a big deal for considering the shells as their home place. It has been observed couple of times that they are very moody people and they would not be interested in sharing their innermost feelings. In fact, many people would not be able to decipher their inner feelings and they would have to play the games as well. Moreover, what ever they would be doing and they would take care of their cardinal quality that they are known for. You would have definitely noticed that these crabs first they would laugh and then they would cry. These people are very hard from inside and they are having strong will power as well. These people are known to have the gentleness and kindness and they would not be making use of emotional manipulation tricks. However, if their technique would not be working and then they would go back to their shells and start sulking.


These crabs are known to be very much vindictive in nature and they are very much of the self respect nature people. They are inspired through the ultimate protection that they would be giving to their loved ones and other people and this is their goals only. These people are known to have the very strong workout sessions and they also comprise of the touchy feelings. They believe in the team work and they have the community feelings in them. They are many aquatic crabs that are interested only in the water polo sports and they would take care of the team colors that they would be wearing. These people are very lazy and they would require someone who would open the doors for them, but they are very romantic in nature and devoted too. These people enjoy living the comfortable lives in their homes and they want the complete pleasure out of it.

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