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मेष (ARIES)

Ruler: Mars

Season: Spring

Element: Fire

1st zodiac sign

Stone: Amethyst, Diamond

Color: Red

Anatomy: Head, face

Metal: Iron

Keywords: leader, impatient, aggression, assertion, pioneering, combative, energetic, independent, naïve and active Modality: Cardina

Aries is regarded as the foremost signs in the zodiac chart and moreover, it provides the same feeling of being first everywhere. It is imperative that everyone wants to be the leader and they want to be the first one in the lines. One of the behavioral traits of an Aries person is that they prefer starting the race, rather than focus on its completion. For an instance-if you are having any project that needs to be started and then you can call the persons of  this sun sign. They are known for having the exceptional and ourstanding leadership skills that are present in no one else. These are those people that are known to have the insurmountable and personal magnetism. If you are born under this zodiac sign and then you would be known as the ground-breaking zodiac people and they are very fearless person. If you are born under this zodiac sign and then you would be having the characteristic features of dynamism, energy and charisma and charm would be present in massive amounts. Aries are known to have the special characteristic features and they are also complete bliss to the world.

Aries are recognized by the symbol of Ram and that also signifies that it would comprise of both good news as well as bad news too. There are many people who are born under this zodiac sign and they are very impulsive in nature. They are full of ideas and they are more of popular as in subdued creatures. These people are known to have the special qualities in them and that is that they are very straight forward while they are making their conversations. This also helps them to achieve what ever they want in their lives. These people are known for having the cardinal qualities and they have in them competition drive as well.

Moreover, they are fond of martial arts and they are also very romantic people. They are very good at playing the soccer gamed and they can play them with whole heart and soul in it. One of the positive qualities of this zodiac sign is that they are ready to take the initiatives and challenges and they are very fearless in nature. This is one of the unique qualities and this is not found in other zodiac signs. However, they are known for having the dynamic nature and they are full of spirits and courage as well.

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