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Ruler: Uranus

Season: Winter

Element: Air

Metal: Uranium

Eleventh Zodiac Sign

Color: Sky Blue

Stone: Amethyst

Anatomy:  Circulation, ankles and shins

Modality: Fixed

Keywords: Humanitarian, original, intellectual, friendly, cool, detached, assertive, idealistic and individualistic.

Aquarius is regarded as the 11 sign in the zodiac table and they are known to be the perfect reflection of Aquarius age. People who are born under this zodiac sign are known to be the people of social conscience and they can easily carry themselves in the new millennium. These people are known to be philanthropic, humanitarian and they want to have improvements in the world. They would be giving their energy on the different social institutions and they would also decide their management process. These people are known to be visionaries and they also have the qualities of progressive souls and they would considerably give their time on deciding that how they should make the world a better place and they lay their emphasis on the collaborative effort as well.

These people are known to be the water bearer and they have the marvelous gift of liquid. These are known to provide the world with new ideologies and thoughts and they are very intelligent as well. It is possible that they may decipher some amazing things and they have a very much original and inventive thought process. Moreover, they would get happier, if the world would support them and they may get temperamental and impatient on being rejected. These people are known to have the fixed opinions and fixed quality as well. People who are born under this zodiac sign are known to have their own comfort level and they require ample of space and independence too. These people are very much compassionate and sympathetic and they can decide their own quirky ways. Moreover, they are also known to have the eccentric behavioral patterns and you would find their hearts as the best place to live and this should not be overlooked at all. These people are known to have ample number of acquaintances as well as friends and they would return it with same.

It has been observed that these people are surrounded with ample number of people and especially with friends and family members. They are very much interested into the tennis and baseball and they also prefer daily swimming as well. You would find them loving the watery colors such as aqua blue and shiny silver. At certain times, they are very flirtatious and playful and they are not at all jealous. These people are known to have the best vision, humanity and intellect and they are very much determined as well and they can perfectly carve their own ways. They are known as the real trailblazers in the zodiac table. If you belong to this zodiac sign, then these details can help you a lot in taking the right decision regarding your futuristic events.

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